Hendrik Käo as Developer

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Here are some of the things I can do for your company:

  • Develop web applications. I have built multiple single page applications. I created a single page registration process for an e-commerce site and was the lead developer for an application used by call center agents to handle customer information, quotes and orders throughout Europe.
  • Build sites. From one-off campaigns to enterprise sites. I have created numerous multi language sites and set up frontend architectures for long living projects and in house boilerplates.
  • Analyse frontend performance. Your site or application loads slowly? Browser freezes when interacting with the site? I am able to find bottlenecks and suggest improvements. From caching, critical rendering path, thread blocking event handlers to smooth animations. I have created reports and implemented improvements in preparation for campaigns and events to improve the customer experience and lighten the load on servers.
  • Find problems. Debugging issues is a big part of development. I have experience debugging production errors and suggesting fixes. As an example I debugged a seemingly random infinite loop in production checkout process.
  • Share knowledge. I regularly follow web development news, technologies and best practices. I have been part of onboarding and mentoring processes for developers regarding frontend development and best practices. I have done presentations on web performance to clients and colleagues. I was part of a team who prepared and conducted a workshop on building applications with React to Estonian Defence Forces. I have lead monthly frontend oriented meetings for developers.

This is not an exclusive list. I am always interested in web technologies and skills and enjoy picking them up and can probably do that in your company as well.

As a frontend oriented web developer I mostly work with JavaScript, CSS and HTML but I have experience with other languages.

Here is my resume.